About Nathan

Nathan has always strived to learn more and more throughout life. Once he met computer science, he has been expanding his knowledge. Nathan loves tweaking and fixing computers.

Web designing is also something that Nathan loves doing. He loves that technology meets art in a new and creative way.

He wants to work with Apple someday and make a living doing something he truly loves.

You can contact Nathan at nwells172@gmail.com.


14 comments on “About Nathan

  1. Hi Nathan. *Thank you* for the “follow” on my blog. Let me return the favor. I love the way the bright print shows up so well here on your blog. I love the way you think into the future and outside the box. It’s exciting to meet creative, imaginative and friendly people! I’m already trying to think of that futuristic center where we can help people and have laptops and entertainment all right there (or here). Thanks again Nathan:)

  2. Nathan,
    Thank you so for stopping by my blog and then deciding to follow it. It seems that you love what you do. Your passion for computer science and web design will no doubt lead you to many great opportunities. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and believe that we will be using many of your apps one day and that you will get to work for Apple (I think they are also awesome) : )


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